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Wrongful Death Law

At Personal Injury Attorneys of Alaska, An Association of Independent Law Firms, we understand the life-changing impact of losing someone you love. If that loss should not have happened because it was the result of an act of negligence, families have the right to seek compensation. We are here to help.

Each of our attorneys offers extensive experience in wrongful death cases. Attorney Charles W. Coe has represented families of wrongful death victims since 1978.

Other Wrongful Death Claims

Our experience allows us to handle all wrongful death claims, including those involving:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Assault claims
  • Maritime and admiralty claims
  • Aviation accidents
  • Product liability
  • Dog attacks

We can handle wrongful death claims against the government.

You Only Pay if We Get Results

We take all fatality claims on a contingent fee basis. We will only charge our fees if we are able to recover compensation for your injuries.